Sell more books and attract more speaking engagements. We'll show you how, step by step or do it for you.

We specialize in supporting authors and speakers with website and graphics services, Internet and social media marketing, and more!

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There's more to branding than just logo design!
Logo Design
Stand out among authors and speakers, and be recognized by your fans everywhere you go with a logo that reflects your brand!


Collaborate with us to design a logo that you can be proud of.

Brand Board Design
This brand board includes proposed:


Two alternate logos
Color squares with specific web color codes
Inspiration images

Brand board with logo, colors, fonts

Developing your brand board is a collaborative process based on your initial preferences and feedback on the initial draft.

Your standardized brand helps your audience recognize you everywhere, both online and off.

When your logo, colors, and overall style are recognizable and cohesive, you look more professional and credible. The result is that you’ll sell more books and land more engagements.

Blog and Social Media Graphics
This humorous social media post for a bestselling author resulted in increased engagement. It reflects the author’s brand, and her market is likely to recognize this and more likely to take action by visiting her site, signing up for her newsletter, and buying books.


pirate social media graphic

Promo image for “Romance on the High Seas.”

Banners & Ads
Every image you publish should, in some way at least, promote your brand in a cohesive, recognizable way. We’ll design banners and ads for you that will elevate your brand and help you sell more books and speaking engagements.


Printed Assets

When you need a beautiful tablecloth or banner for a show, we can help. We have the design skills to make you proud, and the tech skills to create a file that will work with your printer. We can refer you to product printers, as well, and help with everything you need.

Ideas? We’ve got that covered, too. Try us!

Web Design

Web design for new and existing websites.
New Websites
Your new website should be within reach of your budget, yet still be the best website available in terms of security, design, organization, and ability to grow with your business.

Reach out to us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to learn more about how we can help get everything you need.


Website Upgrades and Re-designs
If your current website is more than three years old, there’s a good chance you need a redesign. Does your current website:

  • Adapt its layout to various mobile devices and screen sizes?
  • Reflect your author or speaker brand?
  • Offer all of the features your visitors need and expect?

Let’s talk about the upgrades you’re interested in. We can even keep your current design while upgrading you, if that’s what you want.


Technical Website Updates & Upgrades
Again, if your website is more than three years old, if you built it yourself, or if it wasn’t built with the latest technology and security in mind to begin with, you probably need a re-design.

  • Has your website been hacked? We can help clean your site and help to prevent future break-ins.
  • If your site hasn’t been hacked yet and you don’t have adequate security, your turn is coming. We can help.
  • Does your website still contain Adobe Flash elements or generally not work well on mobile devices? You probably need a re-design. We can help.
Newletter Design & Management
Keeping up with technical and design trends is tough. We know. Which provider to use? HTML or plain text? And now, Google penalizes sites with popup forms that cover the screens on mobile devices.

Don’t worry. We’ll teach you what works, what doesn’t, or do it all for you. Contact us today for a free, no-pressure consultation.

Content Development

Blogging, graphics, videos, audio, and more...
Content Strategies
Writing books and writing for the web are two different things. Surprise!

Especially if you want to sell more books and schedule more speaking engagements.

  • Do you know how to write blog posts that attract more readers and buyers? We do!
  • Do you know how to structure your blog or website to get more search engine traffic? We’ll help!
  • Can you take one piece of content—say, a video—and turn it into seven or more assets that you can use to grow your reader / viewer base all over the Internet? Guess what! We can show you how, and even do it for you!
You can leave the web writing to us if you like, or just get some guidance. We’re professionals and we specialize in writing articles, blog posts, book descriptions, sales copy, and press releases for the web. Just ask!
Graphic Design
Figuring out which size graphic to use for which social media site from month to month is challenging. We’ve got that.

Do you need graphics that reflect your brand and can be used for blog posts and any social media platform? We’ve got that, too.

Book Promo Videos
Trailer design and production is one of our specialties, and we’ll tie yours to your overall brand, with sound, captions, and embedded video if you like.
Website Multimedia
Yes, we can help you add sound, video, and more to your website. Need help troubleshooting multimedia on your website? Call us!


Sell more books & book more speaking engagements.
Organic (Free) Traffic

How and where do you even begin getting more visitors to your blog, social media sites, and buyers for your books on retail sites like Amazon?

Especially without spending a bunch of money on ads.

We know how, and we’ll show you, step by step.


Facebook Ads

You’ve gotten to the point where you’re able to invest some money in advertising, and we believe Facebook ads are generally a good investment for authors and speakers when done correctly.

If you need help with:

  • Ad design
  • Ad strategies
  • Video for ads

Or other online advertising help, contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.

Social Media Marketing

custom facebook banner for collette cameron
Are your social media posts being seen? Are you sure?

Social media marketing is complex, and it can be overwhelming. But even if your posts are nearly invisible because Twitter or Facebook have you pegged as a spam account (and you may not even be aware of this), we can help dig you out of that hole. Quickly and measurably.

Do you know:

  • The best days/times to post on social media platforms?
  • Which platforms are the best use of your time for your specific market? (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, for example)
  • Whether to use hashtags on each platform, how many to use, and how to research the most effective ones?
  • How to quickly get real followers on any social media platform?
  • How to engage followers without spending all day on social media?

We do, and we’ll show you, step by step, or do it for you—your choice.



Email List Building

You know that email lists sell books—when you use them effectively.

Do you want help with:

  • Building signup forms for your website?
  • Add a signup button to Facebook?
  • Designing optin forms that result in valid singups?
  • Managing, troubleshooting, or importing/exporting mailing lists?
  • Recovering from a spam blacklist?

Reach out! We’ll help you learn to DIY or do it for you. Your choice!


Event Promotions

Are you are professional speaker? Do you attend book signings and author readings? We’ll help you promote your events, beginning with adding a beautiful event calendar to your website and/or your Facebook page.

Imagine... much easier your job would be if you had someone working for you with the mad skills to do almost anything your business needs, do it well, and with a willing, problem-solving attitude.

If you prefer to work with someone whose flexible, transparent, and collaborative approach matches yours, then we could be a great fit!

Let's talk about your project!

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