Amazon-book-embedMake no mistake about it, if you’re an indie author, you need to be on the Internet in a big way.

And that doesn’t just mean putting your books on Amazon and hoping for the best. When I co-owned two Kindle bookstores a few years ago, I saw that the authors who were successful had a strong web presence, understood social media and promoted the heck out of themselves and their books. The promotion part takes energy and savvy, but you can’t even get there unless you have the proper tools. Amazon has now made that much easier for authors by creating book previews that can be embedded in any website. What used to take a lot of effort–uploading a book cover, linking it to Amazon, writing some text to explain that a preview can be seen at Amazon–has been replaced by the embeds, and can now be done in literally about a minute.

Easy Peasy

As you can see from the examples below, Amazon has made it easy to preview book content, share it and even buy it, which is the obvious main goal for authors and publishers. The interface is elegant and easy to use, making the previews the perfect selling tool. And the best part is that no technical savvy is needed on the part of authors or potential readers to use the embeds. They’re the definition of user friendly.

Embedding the Amazon code is easy. Just click the Embed link on any Amazon book page, as shown highlighted below:

amazon embed link example

This will bring up a pop-up window with the option to get the embed code. Make sure to choose the Embed on your site (HTML) option. The code will appear below and all you need to do is copy it.

Amazon embed code sample preview

You can then paste this into the code for your website or blog. And for authors who also have Amazon affiliate accounts (and it’s a great idea to have one, because it captures even more revenue), Amazon has provided the means to easily place your affiliate ID into the embed code. Just click the Add Amazon Associates ID to earn advertising fees link and then add your affiliate ID, as shown below:


It’s that simple! So there’s no reason to NOT use these free selling tools if you’re an author or publisher. They will help speed readers to your books.

We now include embedded book previews in our author websites, so if you don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you! Just contact us to discuss your site needs and get a free, no obligation quote.

Until next time…

Carla Chadwick


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